Monday, August 1, 2011

First birthday's and junior bridesmaids, oh my!

So, not to confuse anyone but I have a collection of friends with the name Amanda, including my own sister. I got my fill of Amanda's this weekend...1st birthday party with one, and dress shopping with the other. Oh... did I add they both have the same married last name... yeah, talk about confusing.

Saturday morning I headed out with Daniel's mom and his 8 year old sister, Torie, to search for a junior bridesmaid dress. Lucky for us (and for Torie) we found the dress at the first stop. After a few shops at willow bend to find shoes and lunch at Gloria's, we were done by 1pm. Needless to say, we were very successful in our venture for a dress.

Saturday night Daniel and I went to our good friend, the lady formerly known as Amanda Martinez. She is actually the same friend that introduced Daniel and I, so you guys can all thank her :) She has the two CUTEST twin boys and they had their first birthday party Saturday night!

 It was a great party complete with a cute cute cake her mom made (I helped put the dots on), and a candy bar.

Happy First Birthday Luke & Logan!!!

We had SO much fun! I mean really, it was on the verge of ridiculous how much fun we had. We hung out with her family and cracked jokes at each other and ended the night off with a vicious game of spoons and whataburger. I'm not exaggerating when I say vicious... Daniel and I still have scars! LOL. 

Sunday I went shopping with my sister and her stepdaughter, Izzy, who is my other junior bridesmaid. Unfortunately, this shopping trip was not as successful as the one with Torie. We started at noon when the shops opened. 2 malls, a static electric trip to Whatchamacallit, and 6 hours later, we found her a dress we were all VERY happy with! 

Overall, this weekend as short, and tiring... but still one for the books. This week is busy busy busy! Wedding shower preparations for Sunday, plus putting together the puzzle pieces for my bridal shoot the next Sunday. As exciting as it is that we're within weeks of the wedding, it's SO busy! Hopefully I can keep up!


  1. Next week's blog, August Shower, Bring Wedding Flowers???? :-)

  2. I'm so glad y'all had fun!! We had a blast! Thanks for coming and helping us get ready!