Friday, August 12, 2011

August Showers bring September flowers...

Okay, so it's a little different from the usual, but it makes sense. Just think about it for a bit.

My wedding shower was on Sunday... wait, no... my wedding FIESTA was on Sunday. That's right, we had a fiesta themed wedding shower. My sisters and my best friend, Mandy, did a GREAT job putting the party together.

How CUTE are those? I love them... they are right up my alley and those colors are probably something you would find in my house somewhere. That chevron pattern wraps around to the back and the entire back of the invite is covered in them. Maybe i'll have it blown up and frame it and put it in my kitchen. 

Back to the party. It was awesome and good fun. We had lots of good food, adorable centerpieces, hilarious sombrero's, but most of all I was surrounded by people who loved us. I know, that was sappy... but it's so true. The best part about the shower was not the presents, but rather the people that came and shared in our excitement as we go through this whole journey. It's a big deal to me. I know to some people it's just a party, but to me, it's really sharing in someone else's excitement and life journey. Enough sappiness... on to the presents!

I am pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to stay away from my registry. The weeks after we registered, I obsessed over it. I was constantly adding things, deleting things, and wondering whether I was asking for too much, too little, too expensive, too something! Finally, I just had to let it go... and I didn't check it again. Go ahead, call me crazy... I know I am
So, if you know Daniel and I you will know this is VERY typical of us. I'm usually the more "serious" one and he's the goofy one... when we're both in goofy moods, it can get a lil crazy.

We received pretty much everything we wanted. Fiesta dishes, new bedding (SO excited to start redecorating), new dishes, new beer mugs for Daniel and his friends, and new wine glasses for mine. New everything. Out with the old, in with the new, right? Well, that was my motto at least. Of course, none of this has been unpacked, but we'll get there. 

I really just want to thank everyone who came. You have no idea how much it means to us that you guys were there to support us on ONE of our special days. I know there will be more (bachelor/ette parties, and the wedding day, of course) but this was just the kick off to the rest of the planning weeks. 

Now I get to plan for my bridal portraits on Sunday with the one and only, Jennifer Strain. She is amazing as well as her photography. Here's a little preview of what to expect. I'm SO excited about this shoot!
I'm not telling you what it is, it what it's for... but there ya go :)

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