Friday, July 29, 2011

Then Comes... a blog?

Well, I think it's 'then comes marriage' but that's coming... in 7 WEEKS! Yup... we're there. Our wedding countdown is now within weeks. Scary. Crazy. Surreal. AMAZING!

I'm so excited. I'm excited to start a new chapter of my life. To take that step into a new realm of people... married, adult people. I love it. Some have told me it's no different, but I can already tell a difference. When Daniel and I first got engaged, it WASN'T different. We acted the same... no big deal. Reflecting back, we have changed. We talk about things differently. Issues, memories, dreams, goals. We talk about OUR dreams and OUR goals, not the dreams and goals as individuals. I love that. When we first got engaged, I was nervous. I was so nervous to "merge" two lifestyles and two personalities into one family. Let me just say... I didn't have to merge anything... it did it all on it's own. It's exciting to see that happen before your eyes. I am SO ready to share such a wonderful day with my friends and family. I'm ready for people to sit back and share in the same excitement that I'm experiencing right now.

I'll be using this blog not only to update our friends and family with wordly news from the Ortiz household, but also as a creative outlet for my DIY projects (trust me, there's a lot). Follow us, laugh with us, and laugh at us on occasion.

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