Friday, September 28, 2012

Then Comes Baby...

My oh my... my poor abandoned blog! I left it untouched for a while because, well, I had nothing to talk about. I figured it was best to not say anything than to ramble on about nothing. Now, I have LOTS to talk about!!!

Shortly after my last post, Daniel and I found out we were pregnant! It was a bit of a surprise, but not something that we hadn't previously talked about. My next several posts will most likely be baby related since all of our current home projects have kind of been put on hold for now. For now, we will be working on the nursery and getting ready for this little one.

Even though it's a been awhile, I won't go back and update on what has happened up until this point. Honestly, it's been fairly boring until yesterday. Yesterday, we found out this little one is a BOY! I'll admit... I was really nervous and overwhelmed at first. I got in the car, and I cried. Before you run off calling me selfish and crazy, please understand I didn't cry because it was a boy. The ultrasound tech started our appointment off by telling us it was next to impossible to determine gender. Not because I wasn't far enough along, but because the way the baby was positioned. Right now, he's feet first and was squeezed between a braxton hicks contraction I was having. Who knew you had BH contractions so early?! Because of the contraction, the baby wasn't moving anywhere... it was impossible for him to move even if he wanted to. On top of that, his legs were crossed. After she took her measurements and showed us all the cool, growing baby parts, she went to his feet to try just one last time. By the grace of God, he managed to move in such a perfect position and uncrossed his legs so we could get a snapshot. There's no denying this baby is a boy... I can promise you that.

When we got in the car, I was so overwhelmed by the appointment (not knowing whether we would find out and then finding out last minute). On top of that, I kind of had a moment of panic because the "We're having a baby..." really settled. Of course I knew we were having a baby, but at that point... it was real. We were having a BOY, and soon we were going to have a name and a room and it was all becoming SO much more real than getting a positive on a pregnancy test.

I'll keep you updated on the nursery and all the other fun things that are coming up. Until then, hang tight :)