Monday, January 30, 2012


Week 4 of the 52 project's theme was a choice between "Unexpected Perspective" and "Sparkle". I originally had this idea of using my niece and her pink sparkly shoes I got her for Christmas (I wish I had a picture... they are SOO cute!!!) and taking some kind of angled shot... something other than the straight, head on norm photos. Then Saturday rolled around and I realized I had yet to take my photo for the week and I needed to turn it in that night in order to be considered for the pick of the week photo!

I rushed around town picking up anything sparkly... glitter, gems, beads, anything I could find for cheap (believe it or not, I had NONE of this at home). After playing with different shots of my hot pink wedding shoes, glitter, and gems... I had 10 different shots of the same thing. There was not a single picture that I was just in awe over. Not one single picture that I impressed myself with. On the verge of giving up, I tried one more thing. This is what I came up with for week 4.

I got a TON of pictures of my ring from my wedding pictures, so this was definitely not a picture I took to make up for lack thereof. This was merely a picture out of desperation to finish on time and I looked down and realized I had something sparkly on my hand and would be easy to photograph! :)

The pink background is actually a scarf I got for Christmas. The actual scarf is close to highlighter pink, so I toned it down quite a bit. I really love this picture. I love the simplicity of it... I love the color. I'll be posting the before picture later tonight since it's on my home computer and I forgot to email it to myself. DUH!

2/4/12 Edit:
Here's the before/after picture I promised. Oh... and I promise this is real :)


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