Monday, October 10, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself... again.

Okay, so maybe it's a little too early to talk about life being married. After all, we've only been married 3 weeks. Wow. 3 weeks... THAT'S IT?! Needless to say we've been busy trying to start our lives together. :)

Let me introduce myself... again. I've legally changed my name... so I am now Mrs. Jessica Ortiz.  I'm still getting used to hearing people refer to me as Ortiz, or referring to us as husband and wife. We're in the process of combining everything... and it's no easy task. Hopefully once we get everything combined we can put in an application to be homeowners. It's my ultimate goal and I am BEYOND excited. We've been planning and talking about it for MONTHS now and I just can't wait!!!

We decided to splurge a little bit with some of the money we got from the wedding and bought a new Canon DSLR T3 camera. I'm no photographer, but I love the art and would really like to think I have an eye for beautiful photography. I'm still playing with it but maybe once I figure it out and get brave, I'll post some pictures for you guys.

Speaking of pictures... have you guys seen the amazing wedding photos?! Our photographer, Shani with Timeless Images did an AWESOME job! You can see them on mine or her facebook! Since I wouldn't want to leave you on such a suspenseful note... I'll add some here :)

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