Monday, September 26, 2011

Then Comes Marriage...

I know it's been a while since I last posted, I apologize. I was CRAZY busy trying to put the final details together for the big wedding bash :)

So, on to the good details! We finally got married on September 17th, and it was the BEST day of my life. There is absolutely NOTHING I would have changed or done different. Daniel was a nervous mess and now has the nickname "Puffdaddy" because he kept blowing out his cheeks trying to breathe while standing up there. I probably have some pictures of it and will post as soon as I get them. We ended up in a pretty intense game of thumb wars so I could try and calm him down. LOL It was the only thing I could do that wasn't distracting to everyone else. The reception was exactly how I envisioned. The colors came together beautifully and the flowers looked amazing! Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the cake but I heard they were to die for. I don't really know how much more detail I can get into without pictures, but all I can say is it was perfect and everything I thought it would be. My only complaint is it didn't last long enough :)

Our honeymoon was fantastic. There is nothing more calming than walking out on the deck of a cruise ship and being surrounded by deep blue Caribbean waters. The first night I had a hard time adjusting to the movement of the ship. It's hard learning how to walk when you feel like your floating like an astronaut. The food was awesome, and they had SO many options. I tried so many foods I had never had before and everything was delicious! Our first stop was Grand Turk where we got off the ship and hung out at the beach and in the waters. It was SO relaxing and exactly what I needed. We went to comedy shows, went to the casino, hung out by the pool, got a pretty rough sunburn, shopped, indulged in amazing food, and just had an all around good time.

I want to give a huge thank you to all of our family and friends who came to our special day and celebrated with us. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did! I'll be posting again when I get pictures!

Oh... and I guess I can share a few of my bridals with you now :)

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